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Mainly dugongs.
foolsandtrolls, locally and ethically manufactured with all design, printing and embroidery done here in Adelaide.

Jungles is an experimental label and a visual exploration.

Adelaide-based print magazine, online publication and video blog covering music, art and culture.

Locally produced journal of the highest quality.

Locally designed, surf inspired garments

Oli clothing, locally manufactured garments, hand printed in Perth
BOW3RY is a direct reaction of the style and subculture they navigate.
Sydney Romantics, high quality Australian made goods

Unempire - $OX

Beyond Killa
Fat Art Wank/Brand by Gabriel Cole and Lucas Croall
Two work shy freeloadrers perfecting the art of painting triangles.

Restless Socks logo

Locally designed colourful and travel themed socks.

Jeans hand crafted in Sydney, Australia by a single Jeansmaker using Japanese selvedge denim with Italian buttons and rivets.